Hi, my name is

Maina Wycliffe

I am a Typescript enthusiast who loves exploring and teaching developers the ins and outs of Typescript and it's typing system. When developers develop an innate understanding of Typescript, they become more productive instead of spending more time fighting with Typescript. This is why I started my free newsletter All Things Typescript.

I am also a Full-stack Software Engineer, Google Developer Expert and Mentor.

Are you looking for a Freelance Web Developer?

Are you looking for:

  1. An experienced senior full-stack developer with over five years of experience?
  2. Support for building high-performant web apps using modern tech stacks?
  3. An experienced generalist software developer with vast experience on frontend stack (Angular, React, Astro), backend (NodeJS and Golang), CI/CD/DevOps, and Testing?
  4. A developer who cares about writing high-quality, readable, clean, and maintainable code following industry standards?
  5. A developer who cares about developer experience and productivity and can help your team get the product out of the door?
  6. A trainer and mentor to upskill your in-house team skills in Typescript, Angular, React, and NodeJS?
  7. A professional, reliable, and honest partner who will successfully finish your project on time and on budget?

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Portfolio (Open-Source)

NPM Imported Packages Lens

Visual Studio Code Extension

A Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to easily open links to a Packages NPM Page, Github Repositiory and it's homepage.

This is Learning Twitter Feed

GitHub Actions

Automation tool using Github Actions to automatically tweet posts from This is Learning and This is Angular Publications on dev.to

aws-lambda (DefinitelyTyped)


Types helpful for implementing handlers in the AWS Lambda NodeJS runtimes, the handler interface and types for AWS-defined trigger sources.

Script (Go)


script is a Go library for doing the kind of tasks that shell scripts are good at: reading files, executing subprocesses, counting lines, matching strings, and so on.



Use Docker to run your Golang integration tests against third party services on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux!



The best way to build the fastest Angular apps. Scully is a static site generator for Angular projects looking to embrace the Jamstack.

AWS AppSync Identity Typescript Guard


This is a Typescript Library to check the type AppsyncIdentity before use. It checks whether an AppsyncIdentity from aws-lambda types defined at DefinitelyTyped.

GraphQL Flutter


A GraphQL client for Flutter, bringing all the features from a modern GraphQL client to one easy to use package.

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