About Me

I’m an accomplished, self-taught senior software engineer with experience building large, distributed systems and integrating them with modern frontend frameworks. Having worked in fast-paced startups for the last four years, I’ve developed strong problem-solving skills, applying a positive and enthusiastic approach to all challenges. I am passionate about learning and enjoy applying the latest approaches (serverless, NoSQL, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)...) to dramatically increase the number of high-quality features shipped to customers.



Typescript JavaScript, Angular, React, Astro, NodeJS, GraphQL, REST, AWS, Firebase, GitHub Actions, Git, Jest, DynamoDB


Go, Google Cloud Storage, Testing (TDD), MongoDB, Cloud Firestore


Terraform, Docker, DevOps (CI/CD), NX, Flutter, Redux, MySQL, Google Cloud Functions, GRP

Work Experience

Skyhook Adventure (From 12/2019 to 07/2022)


Position: Full-stack Software Engineer


  • Spearheaded our transition to TypeScript, resulting in more excellent reliability and a better development experience.
  • Implemented server-side rendering for the website (transitioning from pure React to NextJS), resulting in significant SEO improvements that resulted in increased sales.
  • Helped build Skyhook’s CD setup using Github Actions, which took us from shipping a few features a week to multiple features a day.
  • Helped migrate our backend from a monolithic serverless approach to serverless microservices, resulting in significant improvements in site speed/performance.

Fudos LLC (From 01/2018 to 11/2019)

Position: Founding Full-stack Software Engineer


  • Spearheaded development of automated deployment for AWS Infrastructure using Terraform and AWS Code Pipeline.
  • Spearheaded migration from AWS CodeCommit to GitHub for Repository
  • Spearheaded migration from monolithic PHP-based Backend to microservice-based Go Based Backend.
  • Spearheaded building of the frontend using Angular and Angular Material.


BSC. Information Science (Knowledge Management)

Technical University of Kenya

From 05/2012 to 12/2016

Open-Source Contributions

During my work, I mainly worked with Open-Source projects such as React, Angular, and Go, among others. As such, I am a massive advocate of open-source and contribute to many of them through various ways such as Issues and Code contributions.

Here is a list of projects I have contributed to:

Technical Writer and Speaker

I love sharing my experience and learning with others. This is usually in the form of blog posts (mainawycliffe.dev/blog and codinglatte.com) and Speaking engagement. Writing and Speaking engagement give me a platform to connect, share what I learn, and also deepen my knowledge in topics of interest.


While I am still new at this, I love mentoring people interested in becoming Software Engineers. This usually comes in the form of offering guidance, tips, help, and encouragement to people taking their first steps in Coding and Programming.

If you are looking for a mentor, feel free to contact me.