About Me

Hi 👋,

I am a knowledge weaver, I love connecting people to information and knowledge they want via computer systems. By using my skills as a software engineer I build systems that make it easy for people to discover information and gain knowledge from data they own.

Software Engineer

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer based in Nairobi, Kenya. I specialize in Web Development Technology specializing in NodeJS and Go (Golang) for the Backend and JavaScript/Typescript for the Frontend. I also dabble with Flutter on the side during my free time for App Development.

Open-Source Contributor

In the course of my work, I work mainly with Open-Source projects such as React, Angular, Go among others. As such I am a huge advocate of open-source and contribute to a number of them through various ways such as Issues and Code contributions.

Technical Writer and Speaker

I love sharing my experience and learning with others. This is usually in the form of blog posts (https://mainawycliffe.dev/blog) and Speaking engagement. Writing and Speaking engagement give me a platform to connect, share what I learn and also deepen my knowledge in topics of interest.


While I am still new at this, I love mentoring people interested in becoming Software Engineers. This usually comes in the form of offering guidance, tips, help, and encouragement to people taking their first steps in Coding and Programming in general. If you are looking for a mentor, feel free to get in touch with me.